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Focus 34

Government and people of influence

‘The LORD controls rulers, just as He determines the course of rivers.’  Proverbs 21:1 (CEV)

Today we want to pray for all those who hold public office in Iran and other people of influence in Iranian society. Though Iran is led by a Supreme Ruler who controls all the key levers of power, there are many thousands of other people who work in Iran’s various branches of national and local government and they need our prayers.

The President runs the Executive branch with a cabinet of over 20 people. The ‘Assembly of Experts’ comprises 86 ‘virtuous and learned’ clerics who are elected for eight year terms, and their role is to appoint the Supreme Leader, monitor his performance and remove him if he is deemed incapable of fulfilling his duties.

Another key body is the Council of Guardians which comprises of six theologians appointed by the Supreme Ruler and six jurists nominated by the head of the judiciary (who is also appointed by the Supreme Ruler) and approved by parliament. This council studies and interprets the constitution and can veto parliament. They also have to approve all candidates for the Assembly of Experts and parliament.

The parliament comprises 290 officials, including women, who are elected every 4 years. Minority groups, including the Jews (1 member), Assyrians (1) and Armenians (2) have representation in parliament. The ‘Expediency Council’, which is appointed by the Supreme Ruler, is one of the most powerful bodies in Iran and is responsible to settle disputes between parliament and the Council of Guardians and also advises the Supreme Ruler.

Apart from central government there are also numerous people working at regional and local levels of government. They are involved in most aspects of people’s lives, including business, education, transport, law enforcement, entertainment and health.

In addition to those with government positions there are other intellectuals and opinion-makers with influence in Iran. In recent years there has emerged a growing group of intellectuals who are striving to reconcile tradition with modernity. These are people with revolutionary backgrounds who believe the regime has failed to deliver on true political liberty and social justice and are therefore trying to rethink the revolution. Though they have faced fierce opposition, their viewpoints are having an increasing impact in Iran and this can be seen in the Iranian film industry, arts, literature, as well as in the political world.

So today we want to join and pray that God will direct the rulers and people of influence in Iran.

  • Pray for all those who work in the various branches of government. Ask the Lord to bless them with His wisdom to serve the people of Iran. Pray that truth and integrity will permeate through every level of government. 
  • Pray for those government officials and intellectuals who are boldly confronting injustice in Iran – pray for protection of these individuals and their families as they face threats and opposition. Pray that God would establish his peace and good will among Iranians through the wisdom entrusted to them.  
  • Pray that the Lord will raise up men and women who will champion the cause of truth and righteousness in all levels of government.  
  • Pray that Iranian Christians will be able to communicate clearly to Iranian society the Biblical view of freedom, human rights, and religious liberty.

Thank you so much for praying.


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