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Focus 3

Closed Land, Open Hearts

Most everyone knows that Iran has been a land closed to the Gospel. However, what most Christians don’t realise is that this closed land is filled with many open hearts. Yes, Iran is full of people yearning for truth and longing to know God. They are crying out for help.

The Lord, in His grace, has heard and has been drawing men, women and children to himself. Many Iranians have come to faith through dreams and visions. ‘I was about to commit suicide,’ testifies one young lady who had been studying Islamic theology. ‘But then I had a dream that I was in a church building and was given a New Testament. I refused it at first, but was told to try it and see if Jesus would answer my questions. I woke up and I was changed. I later gave my heart to Christ and He has given me the sweetness of salvation from my sins.’

Sick people have called out to Jesus and He has brought His healing. ‘My son was seriously ill and I did not know what to do’, shares another lady, ‘I had prayed for 35 years but not one prayer had been answered. So I decided to try praying to Jesus. I was amazed when the next day my son was miraculously healed.’

There are many testimonies like these and today we want to pray that God will continue to meet many people whose hearts are longing for truth in Iran.

  • Pray that these supernatural visitations will continue and intensify and pray that new believers will soon meet Christians who can teach them the word of God and help disciple them.
  • Pray that the family members will accept the new believers and give attention to the word of their testimony. Pray that right across Iran whole extended families will repent and be saved.
  • Pray that there will be a house church in every village and local area of Iran.

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Thank you for praying.

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Lyrics to today's song:

I have entered your sanctuaries to see the beauty of your face,

I have come under the blood of the lamb,

So I can filled with the fire of your spirit,



Oh my beloved, my beloved,

Your name is holy, holy, holy,

I wait on you with an open heart,



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