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Focus 21


‘Should I not be concerned about that great city?’ Jonah 4:11

Tehran is not a forgotten city. Just as God was concerned about Nineveh, God is concerned about Tehran.

With a population of more than 12 million, Tehran is one of the largest capital cities in the world. It is a sprawling city at the foot of the beautiful Alborz mountain range and its citizens are warm and hospitable. Visitors always feel welcome.

Tehran is home to numerous museums, art and cultural centers, as well as an historic bazaar and large universities which have played a very active role in the socio-political affairs of the nation. Tehran is also an industrial city with an immense network of highways. Towering buildings have been erected all over, and an array of giant cranes dotted around the city show that the development is far from over.

And yet this bustling city is not short of problems. Most of Tehran’s residents live under an extreme economic burden. The strict Islamic rule has placed people under immense pressure and most people either run away from religion or pretend to be religious. Whatever the case, there is a great deal of disillusionment and despair, and many are open to alternatives.

Tehran is also one of the most polluted cities in the world and is nearly always covered with a black layer of smog. This has led to a surge in heart and respiratory diseases and on some days the government advises the elderly not to leave their houses because of the air pollution. Other problems associated with the rapid increase in Tehran's population are high unemployment and housing shortages which lead to serious social ills such as drugs, crime and a surprisingly high level of prostitution.

Tehran is in a great need of our very special prayers.

  • Pray that the active churches in the city will bring warm Christian life to the dying soul of Tehran and brighten the dark and polluted air with Christian faith, hope and love.
  • Pray that the God who created the beautiful world will show his favour to Tehran by pouring out His grace. Pray that the dark cloud of smog, both literal and spiritual, would be lifted from above this city.
  • Pray for those who are seeking alternatives. The people of Tehran have historically been more open to other ideas, and many are looking for hope on Satellite TV and the Internet. Pray they will discover the Christian faith and know the change only Christ can bring.
  • Pray for the people of Tehran to come to the knowledge of the truth and be set free and pray they will sense His peace in the midst of their daily pressures.

Thank you so much for praying for this great city.


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