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Focus 5

The Internet

‘I have printed the whole New Testament from your website... I am living in a remote city [in Iran]... there is no church to go to in this city. I’m like a young tree which needs nourishment and care. I need your help otherwise I can’t find proper answers to my questions in this remote town." – an email from an Iranian lady sent to a Persian Christian website.

Praise God that He is using the Internet to reach people in Iran. More than 7 million people in Iran have access to the web and Iran is one of the highest users of the Internet in the non-western world. Every day, thousands of Iranians are accessing Chrisitan websites to learn about the Christian faith. As you read this, there are likely people right now in Iran accessing Christian websites.

For many isolated believers, the Internet is their only means of finding and communicating with other Christians. It is also an extremely valuable tool for follow up ministries once people have been reached through other means such as Satellite TV (which we will pray for on another day).

So today let us pray that the Lord will continue to bless the use of the Internet as a tool to impact Iran with the Gospel.

  • Pray for all ministries reaching out through the web. Pray that they will be strengthened and will be able to produce materials that speak to the hearts of the people. Pray for all those who write and prepare resources. Pray also that they will clearly answer peoples’ questions about the Christian faith.
  • Pray for all Iranians who have read about Christianity on the web. Pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to them as they consider what the Bible says. Pray that they will accept Christ and repent and be saved.
  • Pray that more Iranians will find Christian websites and will be attracted to the claims of Christ.

Thank you so much for interceding.


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